Vivaldi Concerti per due violini Carmagnola BeyerAntonio Vivaldi
Concerti per due violini

Giuliano Carmignola, Amandine Beyer: solo violins

Gli Incogniti

Harmonia Mundi, 2016


Antonio Vivaldi is certainly the European composer who explored in the most extensive way the possibilities of concertos for two violins. He wrote almost thirty compositions of this kind. In the album I propose you, seven of these concerts are presented: in C major RV 507, in B flat major RV 529, RV 510 in C minor, RV 505 in C major, RV 127 in D minor, in B flat major, RV 527, in D major, RV 513.

Concerti per due violini is an album full of light and its execution is refined and enjoyable in its entirety. The two solo “voices”, Giuliano Carmignola and Amandine Beyer (the latter present also in the recording The Four Seasons), dialogue with each other and with Gli Incogniti ensemble as in a real conversation, each supporting their different parts with great conviction and enthusiasm. They are two real virtuosi and an excellent complex, which know how to ignite Vivaldi’s fireworks and to infuse the same spirit of joy to the most vivacious pieces and to the ones with slower times, which are just tinged with melancholy.

This, however, does not mean that Concerti may be accused of repetition and actually the opposite is true. The album wants and succeeds in presenting a collection through which it is possible to distinguish different moods and feelings, in order to convey the widest and the most varied impression of Vivaldi’s world. The artists obtain a satisfactory result, though not always excellent: there are moments when the inspiration is higher and others where it is not so clear, but the general intent is understandable and the result can only be considered happy.

The recording technique is great and the sound of the instruments reaches the listener’s ears maintaining its brightness.

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