La Gaia Scienza Haydn in LondonLa Gaia Scienza
Haydn in London

Marco Brolli: traverse flute
Stefano Barneschi: violin
Paolo Beschi: cello
Federica Valli: fortepiano

Music Edition Winter & Winter, 2009

This fine album of La Gaia Scienza allows us to retrace the musical experience of Franz Joseph Haydn in London, through four of the compositions written by him for the English capital: these are three Trios (in C major Hob. XV 16, in G major Hob. XV 15, in F major Hob. XV 17) and the Symphony no. 94 in G Major, arranged by Ludwig Lachnith Wenceslaus (1793). It is obvious that Haydn’s production for London is not completely exhausted here, since he composed symphonies and other pieces for orchestra and chamber ensembles, but also piano and vocal compositions and an opera, L’anima del filosofo.

La Gaia Scienza is a chamber ensemble founded in Como in 1981 and plays on instruments that are copies of those of the time: Marco Brolli’s flute is a copy of that of Carl August Grenser, produced in Dresden in 1790, Stefano Barneschi plays a violin Jacques Boquary, Paris 1719, Paul Beschi plays a cello Carlo Antonio Thestor, 1754, and Federica Valli plays a fortepiano copy of Ludwig Dulcken, Dresden, 1790-95.

The music of each of the compositions is lively and the instrumentalists, who warmly interact with each other, recreate very well the atmosphere of the time. Federica Valli plays with grace and ease, so that the fortepiano naturally imposes on other instruments and becomes a model of taste, which is very often accompanied by the flute. The strings keep in the shade, even if the interventions of the cello are interesting especially in the first movement of the Symphony.