Lucie Horsch VivaldiLucie Horsch – Vivaldi

Vivaldi Amsterdam Players

Decca, 2016



Lucie Horsch is a young and talented recorder player and Vivaldi is her first album. Considering her age, she performed music which were originally destined to other young girls (but unfortunately orphans) of Ospedale della Pietà in Venice, where Antonio Vivaldi worked for thirty-six years. Horsch seems enthusiast both in music and in words about the subject of the album because, as she herself states in the booklet, this music is «rhythmical, light, energetic; and his [Vivaldi’s] slow movements are utterly beautiful» and – I add – suits perfectly a young musician.

Horsch plays with spirit and intelligence and, if it is a pleasure to listen to her in the most brilliant compositions, you will be even more impressed by the depth she demonstrates when the music turns melancholic. It is something which I did not expect from a girl in her teens. Another thing which raised my enthusiasm is her astonishing technique, to the point that, from the first piece, you start asking yourself when she breaths or you wonder how fast she moves her fingers. It is really stunning.

Horsch chooses a variety of recorded, trying to guess what kind of instrument Vivaldi had in mind when he wrote the music (since it is not always clear) and this adds a little more variety to this recording.

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