Paganini Accardo Complete Recordings DutoitSalvatore Accardo plays Paganini
Complete Recordings

London Philharmonic Orchestra
Charles Dutoit, conductor

Deutsche Grammophon, 2000

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Salvatore Accardo is undoubtedly one of the best interpreters of Niccolò Paganini, , so bringing together some of his most important performances was absolutely necessary. In this magnificent box set, which includes six CDs, you will find the six Concertos for violin and orchestra, the Twenty-four caprices for solo violin, op. 1 and some variations that allow you to rediscover the art of the great violinist in some of the pieces that imposed him to worldwide attention.

In this regard, I remember that Accardo was the first to record all six Concertos for violin and orchestra, which Paganini had expressly composed to display his prodigious technique, i. e., without giving great prominence to orchestral accompaniment and reserving for himself all the executive difficulties. In the collection I propose, the excellent London Philharmonic Orchestra is conducted by Charles Dutoit who, despite Paganini’s purpose, gives strength and intensity to its direction, while for its part Accardo plays with the inspiration and warmth that are his own and takes advantage of the way his part has been composed to bring out all the technical skills of which he is capable. You will find this in the Twenty-four caprices for violin, op. 1 (Accardo is considered one of “the few soloists who can play all twenty-four in one night”), in which the contact with his extraordinary virtuosity is even more direct and immediate. Finally, the collection is enriched by numerous variations, among which Non più mesta, from Rossini‘s La Cenerentola, testimony of the friendship between the two composers, and Nel cor più non vi sento from Paisiello’s Molinara most famous aria.

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