Diana Damrau – Meyerbeer: Grand Opera

Diana Damrau, soprano

Orchestre et Chœur de l’Opéra National de Lyon

Emmanuel Villaume, conductor

Erato, 2017



Meyerbeer: Grand Opera – From our review

Diana Damrau has been guided precisely by the consideration that Meyerbeer was a true “European” composer in the widest meaning of the word when she recorded the album Grand Opera, devoted to Meyerbeer’s six major French works […] together with the two early and rare German operas.

The soprano’s unmistakable, amiable temperament and smiling gentleness are carefully measured, as in the heartbreaking aria Robert, toi que j’aime from Robert le diable.

The overall impression is that Meyerbeer has found in Diana Damrau his ideal interpreter and actually Grand Opera is one of the most perfect recordings released in recent times.

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Meyerbeer: Grand Opera – Tracklist:

  1. Le Prophète, Act 1: “Mon coeur s’élance et palpite” (Berthe)
  2. Robert le Diable, Act 4: “Robert, toi que j’aime” (Isabelle, Robert)
  3. Alimelek, oder die beiden Kalifen, Act 1: “Nur in der Dämm’rung Stille” (Irene)
  4. L’Étoile du Nord, Act 3: “Ah, mon Dieu !… C’est bien l’air que chaque matin” (Catherine, Chorus)
  5. L’Africaine, Act 5: “Là-bas, sous l’arbre noir… Fleurs nouvelles” (Inès)
  6. Il Crociato in Egitto, Act 2: “D’una madre disperata… Con qual gioia” (Palmide, Aladino, Chorus)
  7. Le Pardon de Ploërmel, Act 2: “Comme cette nuit est lente à se dissiper !… Ombre légère” (Dinorah)
  8. Ein Feldlager in Schlesien, Act 3 : “Oh Schwester, find’ ich dich!… Lebe wohl, geliebte Schwester” (Therese, Vielka)
  9. Emma di Resburgo, Act 1: “Sulla rupe triste, sola… Ah questo bacio ” (Emma, Chorus)
  10. Les Huguenots, Act 2: “Ô beau pays de la Touraine” (Marguerite, Urbain, Coryphée, Dame d’honneur, Chorus)
  11. L’Africaine, Act 1: “Anna, qu’entends-je ?… Adieu, mon doux rivage” (Inès, Anna)

Recording location: Lyon, Opéra National de Lyon, 28 August – 4 September 2015