Dmitri Hvorostovsky – Dark Eyes

Ochi Chornyje. Russian Folk Songs

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, baritone

Ossipov Russian Folk Orchestra

Nikolai Kalinin, conductor

Philips, 1992


  1. The Pedlars: Oh, The little box is full
  2. A snowstorm blows
  3. Masha: Masha Has Been Told
  4. Farewell, happiness
  5. Kamarinskaya
  6. Ah, little darling
  7. The Meeting: At the time when the stars
  8. I walk out onto the path alone
  9. Dance
  10. Elegy: When, my soul, you wanted
  11. Oh, if only words could convey
  12. Dark eyes
  13. The Lime Tree
  14. Not just one path
  15. Night: Oh, sweet night
  16. Coachman: How dismal and misty