Joan Sutherland – Talking Pictures

Joan Sutherland, soprano

English Chamber Orchestra / Richard Bonynge

Decca, 1987


1. If I had a Talking Picture of You (Arr. Gamley)
2. One Night of Love (Arr. Gamley)
3. Donaldson : Did I Remember? (Arr. Gamley)
4. Romberg : Will You Remember? (Arr. Gamley)
5. Waxman : Old Acquaintance (Arr. Gamley)
6. I Should Care (Arr. Gamley)
7. I’m a Dreamer (Arr. Gamley)
8. Schön wie der junge Frühling (Arr. Gamley)
9. J. Strauss II : Spring In My Heart (Arr. Gamley)
10. J. Strauss II : One Day When We Were Young (Arr. Gamley)
11. Wishing (Arr. Gamley)
12. Laura (Arr. Gamley)
13. Stolz : Waltzing in the Clouds (Arr. Gamley)
14. Harline : When You Wish Upon A Star (Arr. Gamley)
15. Gordon : May I have the next Romance with You? (Arr. Gamley)
16. Someday, Somewhere (Arr. Gamley)


Recording location: Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London, 1–6 April 1986

This recording is also included in Joan Sutherland’s Complete Decca Studio Recital