Anna Moffo Jean Casadesus Songs of DebussySongs of Debussy

Anna Moffo, soprano
Jean Casadesus, piano

RCA, 1971 (2015)

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This recording of Debussy’s songs sung by one of the greatest sopranos of the past, Anna Moffo, has been reversed from vinyl to CD only recently, as part of the collection Anna Moffo. The Complete RCA Recital Albums, which comprises twelve CDs of her recitals. In Songs of Debussy, the wonderful soprano performs some songs by Debussy on poems by Baudelaire, Verlaine, Bourget and Louys, accompanied on piano by Jean Casadesus.

Songs of Debussy has not lost its grace and freshness and is indeed a milestone in the execution of these songs even if it was recorded many decades ago. The voice of Anna Moffo, like that of few others, is so sweet, prodigious and expressive that there is nothing old-fashioned or awkward in it. Her softness, phrasing and purity of timbre have the power to move even the coldest listener, while the weakness of the low notes becomes almost irrelevant in this perfect picture. Moffo sings with great delicacy and grace both lively songs like Fantoches and those gloomier, such as Le Tombeau des Naïades. You love Debussy or not, you will find yourself under a spell.

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