The Joan Sutherland Album Bonynge PavarottiThe Joan Sutherland Album
Joan Sutherland & Richard Bonynge

Preface by Luciano Pavarotti


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While Joan Sutherland’s autobiography A Prima Donna’s Progress is the description of the American soprano’s career, The Joan Sutherland Album can be considered as its visual complement: It is an iconographic collection of pictures showing the most significant moments of the soprano’s life and career with no propension for triumphalism and with a good balance between official and stage images and private photos. It is thus usual to see Sutherland as Anna Bolena or as another of her great heroines in one page and to find her in another as mother or grand-mother or in some moments of freedom with her husband Richard Bonynge and with the illustrious partner Luciano Pavarotti.

What is most significant is that the photographs have been chosen by Joan Sutherland in person with the help of Richard Bonynge and this is the reason why leafing through this book is like to be in her company. Finally, this is a beautiful memory left to us by a great singer who is no more with us.

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